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taweez for money and wealth

Ultimate most POWERFUL talisman taweez for wealth and money

The poverty is crushing you and there is no way out from taxes and expenses!
Money for food, for fuel, for bills, for children,the banks are pushing you to the wall - you can`t handle with everything!
You just don`t have money and the problems are everywhere!
You want to have a descent,prosperity and luxury life, to have an excellent paid job, to have money for everything? Nobody wants to be poor,nobody wants bank loans!

This here is our biggest and most powerful weapon for gaining wealth / money / finding a job / successful business, even for winning in lottery!

We made this arab talisman taweez for money and wealth in certain time period of the month! This taweez is halal, no shirk, no haram, no bidah!

The first effects from that talisman will appear in the first month of wearing it.

It`s price is only 45 US dollars including worldwide shipping!

Read more about the ultimate money taweez

ultimate protection vest

Ultimate protection vest

We are introducing to you one unique item.

From hundreds of years such vests and shirts were in the wardrobes of caliphs,sultans,rulers and even soldiers.

This vest is the ultimate protection for any kind of magic, from any jinn or bad spirit, , from any calamity or disaster. It protects its owner from any animal, from any poison, from any weapon.

Bullets won`t reach you, knives won`t stab you, snakes cannot bite you, all your enemies will run in fear from you.

Also you will be accepted greatly by people and all will recognize you as a leader and respect you.

You can wear the vest under your clothes ,too.

It`s price is 140 US dollars including worldwide shipping! Read more about the protection vest

taweez for penis enlarment

Taweez for penis enlargement

Do you think that your penis is too small?

For the men sometimes 'enough is not enough' and they wanted more and more, bigger and bigger, if even their manhood is big enough already!
A lot of men have the problem with the small penis and it is not something to be ashamed off !

Allah created you so! But do not worry!

Allah can help you to feel as a real man and sex monster,too!

It`s price is only 35 US dollars including worldwide shipping! Read more about the penis enlargment taweez

taweez for love

Taweez for love and reunite

You are separated with your partner but you still love him and want a second chance?

The other person is in your mind every day and night, you can`t sleep, don`t want to eat, don`t smile, don`t talk. You are lovesick!
You know that this person is your soulmate, but as humans - we all make mistakes and stupid things.
Everyone deserve a second chance and to be with the love of his life! Everyone wants to be happy,isn`t it?
Or maybe you like a woman/man but the other person don`t respond to your signals?
She is in your dreams day and night, but in the reality she doesn`t notice you no matter what you are doing to attract her attention!

This individual talisman - taweez will help you melt the ice with the person you`re in love, neither it is man or woman!
To make this taweez for love and marriage, you have to send us on the contact form - your name, your mother name, the name of your beloved and the name of his mother.

It`s price is only 35 US dollars including worldwide shipping!

p.s. if there is no eye contact or there is a big distance between you and the person you love, we suggest you to use our rituals - they are more powerful. Read more about the love back taweez

taweez for revenge

Taweez for revenge and suffering

Do you hate somebody? Is there someone who make you cry?

Someone ruined your life?
Maybe you have a lot of enemies at your work, bad neighbours, evil relatives, people who are making you nasty things, even kala jadoo, black magic?
And there must be a revenge and suffering for such people!

There is nothing to be ashamed of! It is normal for us - humans!

Sometimes the people deserve revenge because of their bad deeds!

It`s price is only 45 US dollars including worldwide shipping! Read more about the revenge taweez

taweez to separate and divorce

Taweez for separation, hate and divorce

Your husband left you and go to another woman?

He made you suffer and deserve a revenge!

Or maybe you love someone who is engaged and want him/her separated?

Yes, this sounds awful, but the most important for eveyone is to be happy - and we can help you with that!The couple will be no longer together!

We will separate them in pure halal way!

To make this item we need the first names of the man and woman in the couple and their mother names!

The taweez should be put near one of the couple. If this is not possible or you don`t know the mother names- visit our page with rituals for other options.

It`s price is only 35 US dollars including worldwide shipping! Read more about the separation taweez

combined taweez

Combined taweez for wealth, success, health and protection

Do you need money or a good job? You want to be healthy?

Or protected from disasters, evil eye, black magic?

Maybe you have a shop or somekind of business and want to expand your wealth? Here is a combined arab talisman taweez for wealth, success, business, health and against black magic.

This special taweez will help you and fulfill all your needs. It will brings you success in every matter of life.

It`s price is only 25 US dollars including worldwide shipping! Read more about the combined taweez

Necklace for money with taweez

Necklace for money and wealth with taweez

This necklace is made with ametyst stone - it calms down and protects from misfortunes and troubles.

Under the stone we have putted silver stripe with several of sacred taweez for wealth and money and put polymer resin, so nothing can damage it.

With this necklace, your financial situation will get better with every single day, your debts will become smaller. You will make money easier and faster. There will be new job opportunities for you. With the time your sallary will be raised, if you have a shop - you will have more clients.

The necklace works for male or female. As much as you wear it, its powers will grow!

It`s price is 60 US dollars including worldwide shipping! More about the necklace

taweez to attract women and for sex

Taweez for new sex partner every day

Do you have problem with the other gender? Problem with finding a mate?

You are too shy and even don`t know how to speak with a girl? Or a boy?

Or maybe you want to be with a new partner every day?

You know all these horny women and men out there!

Or maybe you want to find the perfect partner and to make a strong relation, to go for a marriage and build a family?

It`s price is only 25 US dollars including worldwide shipping! Read more about the attraction taweez

  • taweez for wealth and money

    Ultimate taweez for wealth and money

  • Necklace talisman for wealth and money with taweez

    Necklace for money with taweez

  • Ultimate protection vest

    Ultimate protection vest

  • taweez for penis enlargement

    Talisman taweez for penis enlargement

  • taweez for love back and marriage

    Taweez for love and love back

  • taweez for revenge

    Talisman taweez for revenge and suffering

  • taweez for separation and divorce

    Talisman taweez for separation, hate and divorce

  • combined taweez

    Combined taweez - for wealth, success, health and protection

  • taweez to attract women and for sex

    Talisman taweez for new sex partner every day

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What is taweez?

Taweez is an amulet or mascot made in the islamic and arabic traditions called Ilm al-hikmah (knowledge of wisdom) and ruhania (spirituality). The other names of the taweez are ta’widh (arabic), ta`wiz , tabiz, tabij, tameemah, muska, tilsim, vefk, awfaq, naqsh. According to the book ‘Shams al-maarif’ (The Great Sun of Gnosis) of the sufi teacher Ahmad ibn Ali al-Buni, these amulets contain energy that is so great that it can create and destroy worlds. The taweez are used mainly by muslims and hindu people, but they are working for everyone no matter of the ethnic group or religion. They usually contains verses from the Quran, great names of Allah – ismi azam or prayers and symbols related to Islam. They are worn by most of the naqshbandi Sufi order to help remove and protect the owner from any evil or black magic and to bring good luck.

You can use the taweez amulet in every field of life – for protection, love back, for success, for blessings, for good health and removing different diseases, for career, for respect and domination, for luck, for harmony between spouces, for wealth and money. There are also bad taweez – for destroy enemy , for separation, for death – you should use these items only with serious reasons – for example – to destroy haram relationship, to punish opressor and tyrant and so on. Usually the owner wears the taweez so it can affect him in positive way, but sometimes you have to put it near other people ( to influence them or to punish them), hang on a tree ( subpoena of beloved one), bury in ground, disolve in in water ( usually for recovering health) and drink or put in your home (like wall lohe Qurani).

How it is made?

Usually the taweez are written on white paper, but sometimes they are engraved on metal. The ones for good and barkat purposes has to be written with special spiritual ( ruhani) ink ( usually with red color) and the bad ones – with black ink. We prepare both inks following exact ancient recipies with expensive ingredients – resins and dyes from different trees, very high quality saffron, etc. Also every taweez should be written only in arabic and depend on its purpose – in exact hour and day of the islamic month, reciting certain text on it for exact amount of times to empower it, while evaporating combination of special frankinces.

Is it permitted to wear taweez? Is it shirk?

1. Allah describes the holly Quran as a cure – shifa. The words of Allah are so powerful that they cure people from their illnesses – physical and spiritual. Allah S.A.T. says in the Quran, ‘We send down in Quran that which is a healing and a mercy to the believers’ (17:82)
2. Every help for your problems ( no matter if we are talking about love, job, health, enemies, separation, etc.) comes from Allah. The taweez is just our written request to Allah to help us!
3. Taweez containing any of the great 99 Allah names ( ismi azam) cannot be haram. These names are holly and it is impossible to be shirk!
4. A lot of people speak about the squares and numbers in some of the amulets. The numbers are representing letters from the arabic alphabet – the knowledge known as ‘ilm al-huruf”. And the people who don`t know their meaning, because of their lack of knowledge believe they are shirk (idolatry) or kufr ( disbelief). But isn’t it the same if you write ‘two thousand and twenty’ or 2020?
5. Some people are saying that wearing a twine is also shirk — ok, but the moulana also wear a twine in the form of rosary?
6. But most important — where in the Quran is written something against taweez? Where is the ban for these amulets ? Just check it! You won`t find even a single word! You want to be pious muslim – ok, then rely on the holly book, not what any moulana or hadith says! Let them speak what they want! Ask yourself – why are then these histerical voices against the working amulets? Don`t Allah wants from us to be happy? To live life full of joy, health and abudance? He wants of course! And you just cannot imagine what lucky people we are, that we got this opportunity to live happy life and just to loose it!

And here is what is told for the taweez by the others:

1. Ullama Alusi al-Hanafi, in his Tafsir, writes: "According to Imam Malik It is permitted to put around the neck the taweez written with the name of Allah. Imam Baqir also stated that it is permitted to put such a taweez around the neck of a child" (Rooh-ul-Maani, chapter 15)

2. Imam al-Qurtubi wrote: "The taweez, which are permitted are those written with duas evidently from Quran and hadith only"

3. Fatawa al-Hindiyya : "There is nothing wrong with hanging taweez, but one should take them off before going to the toilet and before intercourse."

4. Musannaf of Imam Abu Bakr: "The permissibility of hanging a taweez is reported from many of the Companions and early Muslims, including: Said ibn al-Musayyib, Ata, Mujahid, Abd Allah ibn Amr, Ibn Sirin, Abayd Allah ibn Abd Allah ibn Umar, and others."

5. The hanafi jurist Imam Ibn Abidin states: "Using of Taweez will not be permissible if they are written in a non-Arabic language."

6. Hafidh ibn Kathir and Qadi Shawkani wrote that "Amr Ibn Shuaib says, that RasoolAllah taught my Father and grandFather a Dua which we would read before going to sleep, to protect us from fear. We told our elder children to recite this Dua before going to sleep as well. But for those children who were not yet literate, we would write it and then put it around their necks.

7. Ullama Shami Hanafi writes that "it is permitted to write a taweez and put it around the neck."

8. Imam Ibn Taymiya writes that hanging or wearing of amulets is normally permissible.

9. Ibn Abbas is reported to have mentioned a certain Dua that should be written and placed close to the woman who is experiencing hard labour at the time of giving birth.

10. Sayyiduna Ali says: This Dua should be written and tied to the arm of the woman. We have experienced that there is nothing more amazing than this”.

11. Imam Ibn al-Qayyim narrates the permissibility of using taweez from a number of salafs including the great Imam Ahmad ibn Hanbal. Thereafter Ibn al-Qayyim himself quotes various taweez.

12. Abu Basheer said: The Messenger of Allah (SAW) sent a messenger ordering: There shall not remain any necklace of string or any other kind of necklace round the necks of camels except it is cut off".Note - the camels, not the humans!

13. Ibn Abi Shaybah transmitted in his Musannaf: "I asked Said ibn al-Musayyab about tawidh and he said that there is no harm when it is on leather." And he transmitted from Mujahid that he would write tawidh for people and hang it on them.

14. Shaykh al-Wahhab said: "Know that the scholars among the Sahaabah and Taabieen and those who came after them differed as to whether it is permissible to hang up amulets which only contain words from the Quran or names and attributes of Allah."

15. Al Makki told a story: "A man came to the Messenger of Allah, with the two sons of Jafar ibn Abi Talib. He said to their nursemaid, 'Why do I see them so thin?' Their nursemaid said, 'Messenger of Allah, the evil eye goes quickly to them. Nothing stops us from asking someone to make talismans for them, except that we do not know what of that would agree with you.' The Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, said, 'Make talismans for them. Had anything been able to precede the decree, the evil eye would precede it.'

And for final – here is one article about the miracle of taweez :

Taweez may heal physically, spiritually

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about taweez

1. Q: I am not a muslim – can i wear taweez and will it work?
A: The taweez and the rest items and services we offer work on everyone regardless of your ethnical group or religion. This is a gift sended from Allah to every human in this world and it will be shame if we don`t use it!

2. Q: Are your items and services made in halal way without any shirk ( idolatry) in them?
A: Yes, all items here are handmade in a pure halal way by the laws of Islam. In very rare cases, if the client insist, we use kala jadoo.

3. Q: Can I use several amulets and talismans together?
A: You can use most of them together, but It is good to ask us for any case, because some of them may interfere each other and the result won`t be good enough.

4. Q: In some of your rituals, you bury taweez is graveyard, isn`t this dangerous?
A: In ruhania the graveyards are used as for bad ( separation, revenge, death), but also for good – for love and return lost love, for love binding ( to be together until death set us apart), for wealth and so on. Usually, we evoke spiritual graveyard creatures – moakils and with their help we accomplish your goals.

5. Q: I love someone who is living in other country – can we get together with your items?
A: Yes, there are no borders for our services and for the will of Allah Almighty. Of course – as bigger is the distance, as slow the manifesting will come. For such long distance relationships – the rituals will be better option, because only amulets alone won`t be strong enough to help.

6. Q: Is my taweez working? I can`t see any change.
A: Every case is unique, so the time for effects of the amulet is different – for example – the love back taweez needs more time, then the one for money. Usually you will start to see positive changes in mean of fulfilling your wish. For wealth and barkat taweez – 2-4 weeks is reasonable time for start seeing first effects. There are simple rules to follow when wearing the item – try not to think too much of it, don`t lust for result, be patient and don`t be pushy – just live your life and Allah knows his job and will help you faster.

7. Q: Do you perform istikhara online before making taweez or rituals?
A: Fortunetelling is forbiden in islam, so we do istikhara online very rare, in very complicated situations. Also we trully believe in the outcome of our work, so we don`t need to do that.

8. Q: I am sure i got kala jadoo (black magic) and djinns on me from my enemies. Do you perform ruqya (Exorcism) and rohani ilaj?
A: Yes, we perform ruqya and rohani ilaj but in a distant way, because a lot of our clients are far away from us. You can read more in the section – remove black magic. We perform a special ruqya amiliyat (spiritual cleansing) ritual from here and send via post some taweez connected with the work for protection and cleansing to the person.

9. Q: After couple of days of wearing the islamic talisman, i got headache and felt discomfort. Is these side effects of the item?
A: In generally – there are no side effects from wearing taweez – no one can get harm – you or your family. But in very sensitive persons due to the great power of the item – a headache, strange dreams or serious anxiety can occur for some time. In such rare cases – we recommend to take off the amulet for some days then put it again so you can get used to such big amounts of spiritual energy.

10. Q: Why you need personal name and mother name to make the taweez?
A: For some of the talismans – we don`t need personal information – we make them in general way. But for others – we require names and mother names of the persons involved – for example – for love back works. The need of the mother name is for exact pointing of the person in the universe – because you can have only one mother. In addition – for some of the items – we use person`s name to find out the exact Allah ismi azam name of the person so the power be more strong and directed.

11. Q: Can i write taweez by myself?
A: Sure, but you will need years of practicing, because this is not a simple proccess. You have to follow a lot of requirements – the day and hour of writting, the materials you will use – frankincense, ink, special wooden pen. Also you will need complete concentration, because you have to recite one word for several thousand times. For pity – writting of taweez is not so simple work but is almost an art with its little secrets.

12. Q:What is the shape of the taweez?
A: The traditional shape of the amulets is a triangle, but there is no matter what is the shape at all.

13. Q: I got a scanned/emailed/printed taweez, will it work?
A: These amulets don`t work because the ancient rules are not fulfilled. The taweez should be handmade on paper/metal with special spiritual ink in exact hour in a certain day of the arabic month. On it – exact prayer should be recite exact amount of times, so it can be empowered with compressed energy. When using printed emailed amulets – there is no empowerment in it, so they will not work.

14. Q: What are the main precautions while using taweez?
A: They are very simple – just try to avoid bad smells and going to toilet with it.This is because two reasons – the bad smell influence the working of the items and it is disrespectful to the Quran. And for women – they can wear the talismans during their monthly periods, but they have to keep clean.

15. Q: In the instructions you sended to me, it is written that I have to take off the amulet when I am praying (making namaz), why is that? A: This can be explained with quantum phisics – While you pray, another type of energy comes to you and the amulet won`t work so effective for some time.

16. Q: I don`t want to wear the talisman any more. How to get rid of the taweez?
A: Just remove it from you and throw it in running water.