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The arabic magic is very old. According to some scientists - it is the oldest magic in the world. And in the centuries, the arabic magic takes the best practices from every culture and became this that we know today. But along with its age, the arabic magic is the most powerful in the world, too. From centuries it is used all over the world with unique success!

Salam Burdu - spiritual healer

About Us

We are group of spiritual schoolars and our teacher peer Selam (Salam) Burdu. We are located in the mountains between Bulgaria and Macedonia in the moment. We are specialized in the arabic and islamic spiritual and magic practices for more than 14 years and help a countless amount of people! The talismans on this page are also known with their arabic name - taweez or the names ta`wiz, vefk, wafiq, tamis, muska and so on. They are created with very complicated rituals in the way of the ancient arabic and islamic traditions.

A lot of people who claim themselves for magicians and spiritual healers - especially western ones, are offering talismans on very high prices. Usually they are selling good looking and shiny items, which do nothing! The prices of our products are at the minimum, because we do not want to make money with our clients tragedies. Our talismans are not fashionable and shiny but instead of that - THEY ARE WORKING!

In some of our most strongest graveyard spiritual rituals, we have to invoke jinns,moakils and other creatures.

On this page you can find cure for every problem you have and if you want something specific - just ask with the contact form!

The time for delievery depends from the distance of the country. It varies from 10 to 25 work days.


What is taweez?

The taweez is also known as tawiz, muska, vefk and so on. With simple words the taweez is an talisman made in the ancient traditions of the arabs and the islam. According to the great sufi teacher Al-Buni, the taweez contains a compressed energy. This energy could be use for good and bad. And this energy is so powerful that it can destroy the whole world.

Depend of the problem, the taweez is different every time. It could consist only with Islamic verses of the Holy Quran, other time - with empowered magic squares. Sometimes it has to be written with special ink, other time you have to burn taweez. It could be written on golden, silver or iron plates, on paper, on animal bones and so on. They could be tied on trees or bury in graves.

Permissibility of wearing taweez

Allah describes the Quran as a "Shifa" (cure). The words of Allah have so much power and force that they cure people from their physical and spiritual illnesses. Allah Almighty says in the Quran, "We send down in Quran that which is a healing and a mercy to the believers" (17:82).

Allama Alusi al-Hanafi, in his Tafsir of the Quran, writes: "According to Imam Malik It is permitted to put around the neck the taweez written with the name of Allah. Imam Baqir also stated that it is permitted to put such a taweez around the neck of a child"

Imam al-Qurtubi wrote: "The taweez, which are permitted are those written with duas evidently from Quran and hadith only"

Fatawa al-Hindiyya (one of the primary references in the Hanafi school) : "There is nothing wrong with hanging taweez, but one should take them off before going to the toilet and before intercourse." [5.356]

Musannaf of Imam Abu Bakr ibn Abi Shayba, the permissibility of hanging a taweez is reported from many of the Companions and early Muslims (Salaf), including: Said ibn al-Musayyib, Ata, Mujahid, Abd Allah ibn Amr, Ibn Sirin, Abayd Allah ibn Abd Allah ibn Umar, and others. [Musannaf, 5.439]

The great Hanafi Jurist, Imam Ibn Abidin states: "Using of Taweez will not be permissible if they are written in a non-Arabic language."

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

1. Q: Will the taweez work for me as I am non-muslim ?
A: Yes, the taweez and the other items and services will work for you – there is no matter of your religion or ethnicity.

2. Q: Are the taweez and your services made in the Quranic and halal way and there is no shirk ( sin) in them?
A: Yes, the standard way of preparing our items is the roohaniat Quranic way by all laws of Islam. Of course – if the client wish to make something special – we use kala jadoo,too.

3. Q: Can I wear two or more taweez at one time?
A: Some taweez can be worn together, others not. This depend on their purpose. It is good to ask us for each individual case and we will tell you.

4. Q: I saw on the ritual section , that there are items which are buried in graves, isn`t this dangerous?
A:No, there is no harm for anyone! In the roohani practice ,in contrary of the common opinion of the people, the graves are used for good ,too – for love, reunion, wealth, protection and so on. In our work, we evoke graveyard moakils which help in achieving our goals.

5. Q: Are your jinn taweez dangerous?
A: No, there is no harm for any one. Our jinn taweez are not dangerous, because we do not allow them to have any other connection with the bearer of the taweez except communication with him.

6. Q: I purchased a scanned/emailed/printed taweez, why it is not working?
A: Scanned, printed and emailed taweezat cannot work because of some reasons: - each taweez should be made on paper by hand with special ink in certain hour,in certain day. On it - certain reading should be read certain amount of times, so the talisman can be empowered. When you are using printed taweez – the paper and the ink is not empowered so it will not work.

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