Metal plate with engraved ayat Kursi

Metal plate with engraved ayat Kursi

Maybe the most famous ayat from the Holly Quran - ayat Kursi! It is known from centuries for its miraculous benefits.

We engraved it in a metal plate during special time of the month, so water can be put in it - to be empowered and energized with the holly words and help the owner for his problems. Here is the main benefits from drinking the water from that plate:

1. Protection from every black magic in this world!
2. Protection from bad, calamities, enemies, killing.
3. Your memory will be increased.
4. You will be calm and fearless.
5. To remove poverty.
6. If you sprinkle water from the plate in your home - it will be protected from any disaster.

It`s price is 60 US dollars including worldwide shipping!

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