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Every item on this site is handmade! Scanned, e-mailed or printed taweez-talismans don`t work, because they`re not made on the ancient arab and islam spiritual rules!

ring with djinn king

Ring with the djinn king Murrah al-Abyad

Here is a ring with evoked djinn king of the Moon - Murrah al-Abyad Abu al-Harith or as it is known - the white one and father of the Light. We evoke the jinn king in a special time during the month and the students knows how hard it is to evoke it.

The marid kings hold the only magic known to be used by the Djinn: Wish granting. And because of this they are so special.

With this ring any of your worldly wishes will come true without any problem, no matter if we are talking about love,reunite,money and wealth, become millionaire, punishing enemies, revenge, ultimate protection and so on. This djinn ring is completely safe, it cannot harm anyone.

It`s price is 220 US dollars including worldwide shipping!

ring with Baqan djinn king

Ring with Barqan djinn king

This here is a very special ring with a very special creature envoked in it - the djinn king Barqan Abu al-Adjayb or also known as Two Thunders or father of Wonders.

What are the benefits of this creature and the ring:

1. He is a granting wishes - of course for the bigger ones - it takes more time;
2.He is a luck-opener;
3. He can teach you divine secrets - a lot of them;
4. He can show you unknown things from the past and from the future;
5. He can show you where unguarded treasures are and how to get them;
6.If you are interested for a person - it can show you what the person is doing at the moment.

It`s price is only 220 US dollars including worldwide shipping!

ring with ifrit spirit

Ifrit djinn ring

The Ifrit is a infernal djinn spirit of a murdered victim seeking revenge on the murderer.Because of this, - this ring is a great weapon in the hands of his bearer, if he got a lot of enemies. With that ring with evoked ifrit, he not only will be protected from his enemies, but also will punish all of them in ways that he coudn`t imagine.

The ifrit that we evoke in that ring is the famous Arghan Div.

No matter how strong and poweerful is your enemy - he will be punished by this creature. With this great ring - a tremendous fear will grow in enemy heart, he will fear from you and will stay away from you. This won`t help him, because the ifrit will make him suffer in terrible pains!

It`s price is 220 US dollars including worldwide shipping!

magic ring with khodam

Ring with khodam

Khodam is a word from Al Hikmah (Islamic Magick) that means a server or helper. Unlike the Djinn, they are always good.

This ring is made with malachite stone because this stone helps the bearer to make better relation with his khodam.

Once bonded to you with this ring, the khodam will provide the following virtues:
1. Protection from sharp weapons and poison.
2. Protection from any kind of black magick and enemy jinns, all attacks will be bounced back.
3. Problems in your life start to solve themselves - finidng a new job, raise of salary or higher position.Harmony in family.
4. Guidance, your decisions will be wiser.
5. Mental, physical and spiritual strength.
6. Your psychic and intuitive feelings will be enhanced.

Everyone can wear this ring - no matter if you have or don`t have practice in roohani and spiritual practices.

It`s price is 80 US dollars including worldwide shipping!

Magic ring for wealth and money with taweez

Ring for wealth and money with taweez

This ring is made with ametyst stone. It helps for people`s harmony and calms them down. It also protects its bearer from misfortunes and troubles.

Under the stone we have putted silver stripe with several of sacred magic squares used in taweez for wealth and money. There is no matter who is the barer of the ring - male or female. It works for the two genders.

As much as you wear this ring, its powers will grow.

This here is a solution for everyone who wants to make something with his life!

The size of the ring can be adjusted by yourself.

It`s price is 60 US dollars including worldwide shipping!

Ring with the great name - Ismi Azam

Ring with the great name - Ismi Azam

This ring is made in a certain time period of the arabic month by etching of the inside of this metal ring.
On it the greatest and supreme name of God is engraved with its magical square also.
This sacred symbols were written on enthrone of Hazrat Suleman b(as) - King Solomon. By the great of this ism e azam all genie feel perror from Hazrat Suleman (as)...

In our advanced era this holy name is used for any problem in every field of life. Such as domestic problems, psychological problems, spiritual problems, economically problems, eidolon medical problem, depression, Fear of Darkness, Blood Pressure, Sugar Problem, Dread of Demonolatry, Problems in Husband Wife in marcial life, married problems. We found this ring very useful for every sort of known or hidden diseases such as of heart, Stomach and liver, Skin, Nose, Ear, throat, Sugar, hepetitis, cancer, itching, Blood Pressure, infertility,epilepsy and other diseases.

In addition to psychological diseases such as depression,hysteria, shizo friniya, shock,Fits and any sort of unknown fear, such as fear of death and darkness, , fear of animal and fear of heights, etc, the ring with Ismi Azam is proved to be extremely useful for children's diseases such as their unnecessary insistence for any thing, weeping, pneumonia, fever, fearing of children, changing colour, not drinking milk and in other diseases .

In addition, this holy ring is also a novel treatment for Spriritual diseases for example the entrance of evil spirits in the body,Haunted Homes,water or blood stains,discovering charms, nightmares, pressure, to hear extremely dangrous voices from home or different places, unknown fear, Dreaming about dead people asking for something, destruction of business due to evil charms, extreme confrontations of husband and wife leading towards divorce, husbands bored of their wifes or wife not liking her husband or husband intrested in some other woman, business not flourishing despite of spending lot of money and joblessness.

It`s price is 30 US dollars including worldwide shipping!

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    Ring for wealth and money with taweez

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    Ring with the great name - Ismi Azam