Spiritual taweez ring for women

Spiritual taweez ring for women

Here is one very special item – ring with several taweez for women.

The taweezat are inscribed on silver stripe and put in a ring stash.

We made this kind of ring especially for women and their main issues.
Here is the main virtues of the taweez inside the ring:

1. To loose weight, especially on the belly.
2. For treatment of rashes, boils, psoriasis
3. For protection from bad eye, jealous enemies and jinns
4. For treating thyroid problems
5. Against weakness of the body
6. For hair growth and beautiful hair
7. Taweez for purifying your face
8. Taweez against skin cracks
9. Taweez for protection of fetus
10. Against women sterility
11. For finding soulmate and marriage – if you are single
12. For respect

The ring size is self adjustable.

It`s price is 110 US dollars including worldwide shipping!