Scarf with surah yusuf

scarf with surah yusuf

This scarf-taweez is made with the ayats of the noble sura Yusuf ,which is known with its efficancy and faidah in a lot of fields of life. Here are some of them:

Anyone who uses this scarf, will be loved, liked, obeyed, accepted, and responded by his subordinates and by his people if he is their boss and by his superiors if he is subordinate.

Also by his employer if he as an employee and by his customers if he as a merchant or entrepreneur.

He also will be authoritative, noble, looking attractive in their eyes so that he will be able to gain much of their sympathy and attention.

The size is 33 cm/22 cm. we got it in two colours - black anf red. The price of this unique item is 45 usd.