About us

spiritual healer

We are group of spiritual schoolars from Pakistan. We are specialized in the islamic magical practices for more than 14 years! The talismans on this page are also known with their arabic name - taweez or the names ta`wiz, vefk, wafiq, tamis, muska and so on. They are created with very complicated rituals in the way of the ancient arabic and islamic traditions.

A lot of people who claim themselves for magicians and spiritual healers - especially western ones, are offering talismans on very high prices. Usually they are selling good looking and shiny items, which do nothing! The prices of our products are at the minimum, because we do not want to make money with our clients tragedies. Our talismans are not fashionable and shiny but instead of that - THEY ARE WORKING!

In some of our most strongest graveyard spiritual rituals, we have to invoke jinns,moakils and other creatures.

On this page you can find answer for every wish you have and if you want something specific - just ask with the contact form!

The time for delievery depends from the distance of the country. It varies from 10 to 25 work days.

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