Taweez-talisman for love, love back and marriage

Taweez-talisman for love back

There is huge variety of love amals and taweezat-talismans for the problems with love. this is maybe the biggest chapter in all islam and arab spritual and magic practices - al-hilma. And there is a reason for this!

Love is the greatest feeling on Earth. It can lead you to unknown places and worlds. Life without love is half life. Love defines even our everyday life even we don`t notice that! Only the person who didn`t feel the real love won`t understand these words. However - in love we all make mistakes, sometimes we are playing foolish, other time – the situation is just getting worse for you and your partner due to different reasons. But you have to know that if person have real and clear intentions – there is nothing that can stop him. Of course - with little help from us.

You are separated with your partner but you still love him and want a second chance? The absence of your lover tears you apart and you are dying slowly minute after minute.

The other person is in your mind every day and night, you can`t sleep, don`t want to eat, don`t smile, don`t talk. You are lovesick!
You know that this person is your soulmate, but as humans - we all make mistakes and stupid things.
Everyone deserve a second chance and to be with the love of his life! Everyone wants to be happy,isn`t it?
This is your chance to repair the broken relationship and to regain the lost love!
This Quranic taweez for lost love will bring back your lover to you.

Or maybe you like a woman/man but the other person don`t respond to your signals?
She is in your dreams day and night, but in the reality she doesn`t notice you no matter what you are doing to attract her attention!

This individual talisman - taweez will help you melt the ice with the person you`re in love, neither it is man or woman!
You will start to meet the other person 'accidentally', with the time - the other person will start to feel more attracted to you, you will be in her mind more and more.
Your partner will start to desire you every minute.
In one moment , this feeling can grow so big in the head and the heart of the partner, that the other person will be obsessed by you, will dream for you non-stop and the marriage will be the smallest thing that she can offer.

To make this quranic taweez for love and lost love back, you have to send us on the contact form - your name, your mother name, the name of your beloved and the name of his mother.

Uusually we send not only one taweez, but 3-4 for any case.
The first results of this lost love back taweez usually come between 2-3 weeks and 40 days after start wearing the talisman

It`s price is only 35 US dollars including worldwide shipping!

p.s. if there is no eye contact,there is a big distance between you and the person you love, or you don`t know the person mother name - we suggest you to use our rituals on the ritual page - they are more powerful.

Free taweezat for love and love back

As we mentioned , the taweezat can be hundreds different types – for wearing by you, for burning, for dissolving in water and so on. Sometimes the people want the amal or taweez to work fast, if there is possibility - at the same day. We have to tell the people that there is no Harry Potter magick stick in this world, like the medicine which you take when you are ill, it needs time to start working. The situation here is the same. Nothing can start working for 3-4 days for pity. So the people has to be patient while wearing taweez. This patience is also proof in the eyes of Allah S.A.T. , how much they want their wish to come true.

Here we will put some samples of taweezat for love. You have to know that before start writing taweez or performing amal, certain readings and prayers should be done. Because of this, if you try to write it by your own, there is a big possibility the taweez won`t work. It just have to be written by someone who has the necessary knowledge. It is like the medicine – you cannot prescribe a recipe for medicine by your own because you don`t have the appropriate knowledge and go to doctor. Because of this – we are here with our years of experience.

Wazifa for lost love come back:

The wazifa bellow is maybe the most famous wazifa to recite when we are talking about reuniting couples, you will have to read it every day for at least 21 days, for 300 times daily:

firstly - read DAROOD IBRAHIMI 11 TIMES,
second - read ‘Allahumma layyin qalbi fulan binti fulan kama layyintil hadidi li sayyidina Da’ud alayhis “salam”
where fulan binti fulan is the name of the partner and his/her mother name.

third - read DAROOD IBRAHIMI 11 TIMES,

Taweez for love with fire:

Love taweez-talisman for burning

The great teacher Al-Buni gives us one unique amal for love. Write the text and your wish on 21 pieces of paper ,then wrap in each paper 3 white pepper seeds and one piece luban frankincense. Then throw them one by one in fire while reciting sura Al-Fil (Elephant) from the Holly Quran and speak your wish.You have to do this for 21 days.

Taweez for wearing:

Taweez-talisman for love, lost love and marriage

Here is an example of taweez for wearing by you. Write with saffron ink and put the name of the beloved and his/her mother name in the empty box, fold the taweez and wear on your right arm as much as possible. After you wrote the taweez, you have to recite over it - 7 times surah Fatiha, 11 times surah Ikhlas, 7 times ayat Kursi and 33 times Darood Ibrahimi.

Taweez for love and love back with the air:

Taweez for love and lost love

Write the following taweez-talisman with saffron ink on a paper ,write also your wish at the end, fold the paper and hang on a tree in a lonely place so it can be swing by the wind. This kind of taweez are used especially for love back which is far from you to come back to your home.

Taweez for love with metal plate:

Taweez-talisman for love, lost love and marriage

Engrave the following talisman-taweez on a metal plate in Sunday, In the end write your wish – ( for example - Oh,God, connect me ( name and mother name) with person N ( name and mother name) so she/he falls in deep love with me. Then everyday put the the plate on fire( or in oven) for 5-10 minutes so the plate can be heat.The heart of your beloved will burn with desire for you and there is no matter the distance between you and your beloved.

Taweez for feed:

Taweez for feed for love

There is a big variety of such kind of taweezat. A lot of our clients prefer to make such taweezat for them, because they have the ability to give water to the persons they are in love and feed him . This taweez should be write in correct astrological time with saffron ink, then the taweez is dissolved in water and can be given to the other person to drink it.In most of the cases this water is put in food or mix with other drinks ( juice and so on, no alchohol)

As you can see ,there is a huge variety of taweezat and amals that can be done to win the specific love of someone or to return your lost love back to you. But as we told you in the beginning, if you don`t have the knowledge how to write and what to recite on the taweez to empower it and energize it – nothing will happen and the taweez will not work. So if you want to be happy and to fulfill your wish – just contact us.

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