Necklace talisman for wealth and money with taweez

This necklace is made with ametyst stone. This stone helps for people`s harmony and calms them down. It also protects its bearer from misfortunes and troubles.

magic talisman for wealth

With this taweez, your financial situation will get better with every single day, your debts if any, will become smaller and smaller. You will make money easier and faster. There will be new job opportunities for you.With the time your sallary will be raised, if you have a shop - you will have more clients.

Over the talisman we put polymer resin, so nothing can damage the taweez under the stone.

There is no matter who is the barer of the necklace - male or female. It works for the two genders.

As much as you wear this necklace, its powers will grow.

This here is a solution for everyone who wants to make something with his life!

It`s price is 60 US dollars including worldwide shipping!

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