Sacred brass nails for protection of home from evil, calamity and black magic

Nails for protection of home from evil, jinn, calamity and black magic

This here is the ULTIMATE known protection for your home agaisnt all known evil, jinns, spirits, black magic/kala jadoo, calamities and thieves.

This nails are made from massive brass according to the all ancient rules of arab spirituality in certain time of the month.

Each of the nails should be nailed in every corner of the house so it can protect it from every problem of this world - black magic, jinn, calamity, evil, tieves and so on.
If it is not possible to nail each item, you have to bury it in each corner or just to put it there.

The best way to protect your home is to put four nails in each room of your house/appartment.

This items are unique and genuine and it is almost imposible to find out such anywhere.

The price of a set of 4 nails is 70 US dollars including worldwide shipping!