Ultimate protection vest

Ultimate protection vest

We are introducing to you one unique item. From hundreds of years such vests and shirts were in the wardrobes of caliphs,sultans,rulers and even soldiers.

This kind of clothes has a long history in the muslim world,especially in the Ottoman empire.

This vest is the ultimate protection for any kind of magic, from any jinn or bad spirit, , from any calamity or disaster.

It protects its owner from any animal, from any poison, from any weapon.

Bullets won`t reach you, knives won`t stab you, snakes cannot bite you, all your enemies will run in fear from you. Also you will be accepted greatly by people and all will recognize you as a leader and respect you.

Here are some of the writtings imprinted on the vest - surah Yasin, sura Fatiha, sura Yusuf, sura Jinn, ayatul Kursi, holly names of Bais, Karim, Uahab

The list of the benefits of this vest is countless.
You can wear the vest under your clothes ,too.

The price of this unique item is 140 usd.

Ultimate protection vest